Soul Work

Multicultural UU Communities

Resources: Online/Electronic

Below are several online materials that we recommend for including important components in building  a Multicultural, Multiracial Congregation.


The Mosaic Project

The Mosaic Project is an assessment project of the Identity Based Ministries Staff group, in cooperation with the Office of Youth Ministries, the Office of Young Adult Ministries, and other Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) staff, that focuses on identifying the Unitarian Universalist ministry needs of Youth and Young Adults of Color. The 2009 Mosaic Project Report provides the findings of the study and recommendation for congregations, districts, and the association.


UUA.Org Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Multicultural Resource links


 Cultural Misappropriation/Cross Cultural Engagement UUA Resource links


Money and Ideas: Creative Approaches to Congregational Access (the Alban Institute and the National Organization on Disability)

Congregations seeking greater accessibility for people with disabilities often find that a key challenge is the availability of resources. How does a congregation find money, materials, or labor for a ramp, an elevator, or accessible restrooms? The 38 page booklet offers success stories and an annotated resource section. Congregations aiming at greater accessibility, but feeling stymied by a lack of resources, will find this booklet useful and inspiring. You can buy it from the Alban Institute or you can download it (in large print format) at:

Accessible Faith: A Technical Guide for Accessibility in Houses of Worship (the Retirement Research Foundation)         

Increasingly, congregations are striving to welcome all members of the community into fellowship, with opportunities for full participation in worship, study, service, and leadership. This excellent publication is a comprehensive guide for congregations that are working on improving accessibility for people with disabilities, including the growing number of older adults. The 54 page book is designed to provide technical guidance in all aspects of accessibility; help congregations understand building-related codes; identify user-friendly design solutions.

Removing Barriers: Planning Meetings that are Accessible to all Participants (North Carolina Office on Disability and Health)

From the introduction: “This publication highlights basic guidelines and strategies to help organizations make their meetings accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities. An environment that is accessible, functional, and safe benefits everyone, regardless of age or level of ability. This principle, known as universal Design. serves as the basis for the information presented in this publication. The guide describes the benefits of providing both physical and communication access.” The 53 page publication includes checklists and accessible meetings resources. The url:

There is abundant accessibility information at our UUA website:


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