Soul Work

Multicultural UU Communities

Sacred Conversations Panel

In what ways do our principles and covenants guide us in multi-racial/multi-cultural conversations about oppression and difference?


Sacred Conversations Panelists

The Reverend Dr. Gretchen Woods has been engaged in multicultural work since the 1960’s, opposing the violence that attended mandated school bussing in Michigan. She has trained with “Diversity Works!”, attended UU worshops provided by the Rev. Dr. William Jones, and studied with the UUMA Executive Committee. She co-trained facilitators for youth/adult conversations on multiculturalism in northern Virginia, planned continuing education programs on multiculturalism for UU ministers, and, with the Rev. Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley, provided training for mentors of UU ministerial candidates from under-represented groups.


The Reverend Sean Parker-Dennison has served as Senior Minister of South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society in Salt Lake City, Utah, since 2002.  In service to the larger association, Sean serves as Vice President of the Starr King School for the Ministry Board of Trustees, serves on the Continental UUMA nominating committee, and in past years, has served as chaplain of the Mountain Desert District Leadership School and as a member of the Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee.  Sean is passionate about countering oppression and creating just and sustainable communities–especially the beloved communities of our congregations.  He is an out transgender man and educates and speaks extensively in support of BGLT civil rights and the worth and dignity of transgender people.  He is also a poet, an avid reader, a parent, and blogger.  He is enjoying exploring the expanding modes of ministry that computers and technology make possible.


Dr. Sharon Welch is Provost and Professor of Religion and Society at Meadville Lombard Theological School (Unitarian Universalist), Chicago, Illinois. She has held positions as Professor and Chair of Religious Studies, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Adjunct Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri from 1991-2007. She was assistant and then associate professor of Theology and Religion and Society at Harvard Divinity School from 1982 to 1991.  She received her doctorate from Vanderbilt University in 1982. While at the University of Missouri, Welch was a Senior Fellow in the Center for Religion, the Professions, and the Public,  a project leader of the Ford sponsored Difficult Dialogues Program and co-chair of the MU Committee for the Scholarship of Multicultural Teaching and Learning. Welch is currently a member of the International Steering Committee of Global Action to Prevent War.


The Rev. William G. Sinkford serves as the seventh president of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Sinkford’s presidency has been distinguished by his social justice work, particularly his efforts to defend oppressed peoples. He has been a staunch defender of religious pluralism and church/state separation. A deeply spiritual man, Sinkford has freely shared his own spiritual journey and called Unitarian Universalism to reclaim a language of reverence.


Alice Mandt, is a native Wisconsinite spends her summers in Madison Wisconsin, and the school year in Chicago, Illinois where she is pursuing a degree in Social Justice Studies at Roosevelt University. Formerly a member of YRUU Steering Committee Alice has been taking a break from being on committees to focus on her studies. She is a music enthusiast and also enjoys food, cooking and eating it.


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